Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Totally Self-Serving Tuesday

At some point during our recent move I lost the charger for the battery to my camera and therefore had to use Kyle's camera to document my goings on.  But then he got tired of me misplacing using his camera and I was forced to seek alternative photo options.

But good news! I found my camera battery charger, (which was actually not lost at at all, I just was too lazy to look for it) and I used it to take self-gratifying photos of things I've been doing.  So here is where I gloat a little about the things that have made me ever so happy-slash-busy the last month or two. (Consider yourselves warned)

Um, I've been working on this little clutch for Anna The Great for a few weeks here and there and I finally finished it!  Glory!  How I do love those fabrics...

Anna The Great sent me the tutorial from here and was brave enough to let me whip it up for her!  It's the first handbag sort of thing I've ever made and I have to say, I kinda wanted to keep it for myself.  But I didn't, because I'm nice like that.

Behold the kitchen!  You know, the kitchen I painted "all by myself."  (But okay so Kyle helped me).  Quite honestly, it is a little more "baby blue" and a lot less "aqua" than I had wanted, but I'm getting over it. I rearranged some of our household accessories and now I pretty much love it.

I relocated this print from K2 Imaging to the kitchen.

And this one too.  I like the added red. 
Probably the best part about painting the kitchen blue is now Kyle is almost equally as excited as I am to paint our cabinets white!  And then there will need to be something done about those laminate countertops...

Have you been wondering lately about The Chair?  Well, here he is in all his reupholstered glory!  Not too shabby, if I must say so myself (and I really must).

Just a reminder, this is what he was before.  Ew.

And now! 
(Insert public applause and bow of gratitude)  (This is, after all, a totally self-serving Tuesday)

Ahh, and remember the lamp I won on ebay??  I finally found a shade for her at a garage sale (for one dollar!).  Now she lives by my bedside.  I love my milk glass lamp, really I do.  And that mirrored thing behind it?  That will soon be painted white.

I firmly believe that anything ugly or kind-of-ugly can become very much attractive when painted white.  But don't you think?


Ryan and Anna said...

Anna The Great? Really? That is too much! I do love the clutch though - you are right, you should have kept it for yourself!

vickyj said...

I love what you have done: the blue in the kitchen -- really brightens it up; the chair -- you tackled a job I was afraid to try; the clutch -- you did a great job (you should make one from the fabric you purchased for a baby quilt); the items in your photos that I didn't know were missing from my house. :)

Kourtney said...

Hahahaha!!! You noticed things missing from your house, huh? Oops! :)

Ashley and Devin said...

oh my gosh kourt!!! the kitchen looks FABULOUS!!! ah i'm so jealous that i don't live close enough to oogle at your house more often! :)

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