Monday, June 7, 2010

Today I Am Thinking Yellow

You know what's happened?  Now that we've painted the main floor and it's, you know, mostly put together in a way that I can enjoy for a few months, I've almost instantaneously become driven to redo our bedroom.  Actually, it's more of a do than a re-do because we haven't done anything to redo in the first place.  Make sense?

So we kind of have this whole blue thing going on throughout the house, but I don't want to be overwhelmed by blue because I love blue and too much blue might just be too much.  You know?  But we have a blue duvet and so there will be some blue.  And to go with the blue, you know what I'm thinking?  Yellow.  Today I am thinking yellow.

You know, a happy mustardy yellow of sorts.

With a little blue?

Mixed in with little apple green would be nice.

And maybe some grey, perhaps??

Or even a palette like this.

So today I am thinking yellow, but tomorrow I'll probably change my mind.  It's just how I roll.

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