Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Handsome Chair

I have been saying for years about how I'm going to reupholster the old orange chair. 

Sometime during American Idol I decided to just check out the underneath parts of the chair to see just how it's put together.  Two hours later I had completely dismantled the upholstery, removed approximately 872 staples, and blistered two-fifths of my fingers. 

I would've kept going but it was getting dark outside on the patio and Parenthood was on.  I'll be sanding him tonight.  He really is a rather handsome chair. 

During the ripping-out-of-the-staples part I learned to love my needlenose pliers.  They are so much better for ripping out staples than regular pliers.  I probably could've spared myself a few blisters had I called Kyle from the patio much sooner to bring me the needlenoses. 

I was so excited about my handsome chair that I couldn't fall asleep.  Dancing around my mind were images of all the endless possibilities for his new life: Black frame?  Brown?  A crazy mustard yellow?  (Perhaps not, Kyle hates mustard) 

And what of the cushions?  A low-pile velvet?  Damask?  Linen?  How could I ever choose?!? 

I think I may have found my calling in life because I am loving this chair more than ever. 

Kyle things I just like to destroy things.  He is probably right.


KimiK said...

You-me-antique store shopping! Soon! I must have one of those chairs!!

KPost said...

Kim, let's go! Next weekend! (Check craigslist and ksl too!)

Abby said...

I think you have great ideas! Your potential is outstanding!

Joami said...

OH I miss Mr. Chair!!! He was so good to me, so fun to sit and read in. It won't be the same if he isn't orange, but alas it's time for change. I guess it wouldn't be good if a man was stuck in the 70's with gold chains and lots of chest hair, so it's prob not the best for the chair to be stuck in the 70's either. ...farewell dear chair....I will always have a place for you in my heart!