Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be Cool My Babies

I pretty much kill every plant I've ever tried to grow. 
Would one call that a black thumb?  I'm just not so very sure.  About a month ago I planted a bunch of dahlia tubers (tubers? really? so weird.).

 And now look at my babies!! 
This is just one of the dahlia plants, but they're all sprouting quite nicely.  My inner pessimist tells me to enjoy it while it lasts because they will all shrivel up and die soon.  You know, the black thumb and all.

Oh but then there's this. 
This here is a pot of dirt that has looked just like this since we moved in.  I just assumed that the previous owners had planted something in there and that one day it would begin to sprout magical goodness.  But I think I could be wrong.  I think there is nothing in there.  Just a pot of dirt. Or maybe they were just sucky gardeners.  Either way, it's a nice comparison to the lovely sprouts I have growing up (take that former owners of our house!).

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Abby said...

You should plant something in that second pot! Good job for you! I was just blogging about my yard! Nice blogtastic thinking!