Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of Genes, Chairs, and New Best Friends

photo by me
 Somewhere in my DNA I have been programmed to believe I can and should do everything on my own.  (stubborn, maybe?)  Thanks to the internet wonder Google, I've come to think I can do-it-myself through just about anything. (Thanks Google!) Everything from homemade ganache to reupholstering furniture. 

Ah, yes.  The chair.
Have you not heard enough about the chair yet?  No?  Okay.  We can talk some more about the chair.
The chair who's bits and pieces are scattered all over the family room (yes I have a sewing room but how can I focus my creative energy without the TV in the background?). 
The chair for which I bought exactly 3 yards too much fabric. 
The chair which once seemed so cheap and easy to reupholster myself but is turning into a why-didn't-I-just-pay-someone-else-to-do-this-for-me experience. 

But it's all about the experience though, isn't it? 
And all those things I've learned along the way? 
And the girlish squeal that escaped my lips whilst gallivanting through the fabric store

Yes, that's what it's all about.

It's also about the Kyle reminding me three times in a one hour period to be sure there are no leftover chair staples hiding in the carpet.  To which I respond, "Duh!  I'm not an idiot."  And then a few minutes later I kneel on a staple.

It's also about the sense of personal satisfaction and internal roaring of feminine power that one experiences when one successfully sews a 40 year-old zipper into a new seat cushion.  And let me tell you, it is beautiful.  One of my proudest moments, I might add.

At any rate, my house may be in shambles, my laundry neglected, and my husband hungry, but by golly I'm going to finish this chair, so help me!
(But does anyone ever say "by golly" anymore?) 

On a somewhat unrelated note, I had the happiest dream last night that I was remodeling an old house with Claire, you know the blonde from Modern Family?  (I love her TV house)  We were the best of friends and she shopped with me as I scored a few dozen vintage tablecloths at my favorite local thrift store.  After all, what are dreams good for if you can't dream about thrifting with your best friend TV star?


Jamie said...

If you do not post a finished picture of the chair I think I might have a serious anxiety attack. Stop teasing me! ;o) Thanks, Management

vickyj said...

Why didn't you buy a new zipper to go into the new fabric? you are way too frugile for me. I, too, am waiting for a photo of the finished treasure.

vickyj said...

Oh, and what a beautiful "photo by me." Love it.

AND I loved the "Claire" when she was on "Boston Legal" much more than "Modern Family." I miss "Boston Legal."

Ashley and Devin said...

okay i love that show and especially the inside of the house as well! AND I TOTALLY WANT TO MOVE TO UTAH!!! i read your comment to devin and he was like... duuuude that'd be bomb!!!! :) so, pretty much... won't you be my neighbor?

Kourtney said...

Hopefully I'll have it finished this weekend and then I can post pictures! Really there's nothing to photograph right now except a pile of fabric and a sad looking empty chair frame.

I reused the zipper because it was still in great condition and I was too lazy/cheap to go to the store and buy a new one. :)

Ashley-you know we'd love to be your neighbors!