Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Grinning Wife

The best thing ever happened: I finally made it to Home Fabrics before they closed for the night.

However, I had just 30 minutes of shopping time and therefore ran from bolt to bolt looking for that certain something for my Handsome Chair.  I'm pretty sure I rearranged half the store before I left.  I kept picking up a bolt of fabric I'd decided on and then leaving it next to another bolt that was seemingly better.  And then back to the first.  And then another.  I finally settled on a blue and white chevron weave for $6.99 a yard!!  Can you believe it?? 

Okay so I realize that not everyone is as nuts about fabric as I am, but seriously, let me just tell you that a similar fabric at Jo-Ann's would've cost me AT LEAST $19.99 a yard.  Can you imagine my gleeful excitement?  It was pretty intense.  I also picked up a staple gun (finally) and returned home, a grinning wife. 

Kyle was happy for me, but I could tell he didn't fully appreciate the good fortune of my fabric find.  When I asked him (for the third time) if he liked it he explained, "It's good.  I mean, fabric is either crappy or good, and it is good."

So... he likes it?

I decided to forego fixing dinner and changing out of my work clothes for some work on the Handsome Chair.  I recovered the seat and called it a night.  I then had nightmares of running out of fabric and having to piece mismatching fabrics together to finish the chair. 

I think I have a problem.


Kellie said...

I LOVE fabrics. Even though I don't sew very often. There is a place I go to in So Cal that has INCREDIBLE prices! Joanns is SO expensive. I can't wait to see the chair!

Ashley and Devin said...

I WANT TO SEE IT!!! and you need to teach me your ways because i want to recover a chair... and, i need to buy a crappy chair to recover first! :)

Abby said...

Mmmmmmm fabric.....Mmmmmmm