Monday, May 10, 2010

You Best Believe

Have you ever noticed how rainy days sometimes suck all the energy from your very bones?  Or is it just me?  All I want to do on rainy days is bury myself in a pile of blankets and stare blankly at the dark clouds.  But I did sew up a girly onesie for a BabyLoo order.  Kyle was skeptical about it at first, I could tell.  But he liked it in the end.  Good husband!

I made sloppy joes.  (aka sloppy joses, for the Spanish-inclined).  Kyle had the equivalent of three.  Three, I tell you!  I scowled at his large appetite and hoarded the leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.  (like I could get away with eating three sloppy joes?) (seriously)

We drove five and one half hours home from Boise last night. With a car packed full of stuff we ransacked from my in-laws. With the windows down. One of such things we ransacked has apparently spent its earthly existence solely bathing in a sea of gasoline. Gasoline which now has penetrated the very fibers of the car. I'm pretty sure we were high after five and one half hours of such exposure to gasoline fumes. Which might have explained our 11:05 PM sing-along to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at inappropriately high decibels. When we got home Kyle so graciously doused the car with Febreeze for good measure.

As I try to think of other such interestingness to share with Internetland, Kyle is going on and on about how great Boise State is. He just finished watching the 2010 Fiesta Bowl from the bathtub. "...September 6th, the biggest game in Bronco history!...We'll start out ranked number two in the nation... little Boise State will probably be second or third in the all we gotta do is win and we're in the national championship...probably....little Boise best believe with they being in the national championship (snaps fingers in my direction) we be going...."

Do you see what I have to put up with?

It's really quite amusing is what it is.
I wouldn't have it any other way.


Abby said...

He watched it from the tub? I think he borders on the line of addiction :0)

PS.....You are cute.

Twig said...

Hey those mountains look familiar! Is that Montana?!

I love that he was bathing! My husband won't bathe. He ONLY showers. Not that I try to convince him to bathe hahaha. I myself enjoy a nice hot bath. If I could see the TV from the bathtub, I would SO be watching something ;)

KPost said...

I WISH those mountains were in Montana! (I love Montana) I actually snapped it while driving around our Utah home. There is a law about texting and driving but not one about taking pictures and driving! :)

Kyle is totally a bath man. He props his portable dvd player on the toilet seat and watches movies, seinfeld reruns, boise state football dvds... I may have to dedicate a post just on this subject!