Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Does this possibly make me a bad parent?

The weather was finally nice enough for me to drag the $5 bookshelf outside for a good sanding and cleaning.  I figured it probably isn't good for a pregnant girl like me to breathe sanding dust so I covered my face with my shirt while I sanded.  (See how health conscious and responsible I am?)

Probably we should just invest in some real masks because trying to keep your shirt over your face and your ill-fitting maternity pants from falling down is made extra difficult when you're also wearing glasses and sanding with both hands.  But I am a multitasker and I don't give up. 

I was surprised (and also a little worried?) to discover that the reddish varnish on the bookshelf came off exceptionally easy.  At which point I started to wonder, "How old is this thing?" and worse yet, "Could this old varnish perhaps be lead based?" 

So I promptly wrapped up my sanding session, sprayed down the beast, and took a shower for good measure.  And then I googled lead-based varnish and my suspicions were somewhat confirmed; there seems to be a good possibility that my great yard sale find contains lead based varnish.  Now I'm nervous about our future plans to put this baby in the nursery. 
Did I get all the varnish off? 
Will a few good coats of primer and paint encapsulate whatever lead based materials may be remaining?
Will it be okay to chew on?  You know, just in case Baby P wants to teethe on a giant bookcase while perusing her kinder library.

I'm afraid to admit our possible health hazard to Internetland in fear that my mother will soon read this and then begin texting me concerned questions about why I was ever sanding in the first place and what am I thinking painting while pregnant?!?
(love you, Mom. don't worry, Kyle has already rebuked me)

Oh the pains of trying to DIY through life.

Just don't even get me started on the moldy kitchen cabinet.


vickyj said...

You know me well; but I'll save you the texts. It appears you've been rebuked enough already.

Crystal Browning said...

Throw it out! Do not take your chances with lead. Last year we had a lead scare in our family (Aislynn's lead levels came back high, but it turned out to be a mistake.) For the long 4 days that I fretted over lead issues, I researched A LOT and it scared the crap out of me. So that's my advice. Say bye-bye to the book shelf. It's not worth it.

Jamie said...

The baby doesn't NEED a bookshelf yet. Get rid of this one and spend some time shopping the deals on KSL of newer bookselves. You could always put it in the garage for Kyle to use for something...