Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kyle's Place: Keeping a Stash

Yes I hide things from my wife.
I have a stash where I keep goodies and treats.
I think everyone should.
That’s how I grew up.

My dad had a stash of candy and cookies he didn’t tell my mom about.

My mom had a stash of gummy bears she didn’t show anyone (unless we found it).

My siblings (who are all older) have stashes they hide from their spouses.

I see nothing wrong with having a stash of goodies. However, if someone finds your stash of goodies they have dibs on eating whatever they want. That is the punishment for not hiding your stash well enough. As you build up your stash, you will learn to be a better hider. (This will help you during games like hide and go seek or finding Easter eggs during Easter).

But you should only hide a few goodies. Most goodies you should share with your spouse, but there are a couple things (your favorites) that might be acceptable to keep hidden. One thing I like to do is share most of my goodies, but put some away in your stash for later. Like Creamies. Share all but the last one, then hide it. That way you did share, but you still get the last taste.

However this only goes for treats.
Don’t be hiding secrets, old crushes or speeding tickets from your spouse.
Only treats.


Chelsea said...

Love it. Haha.
BTW, my husband LOVES that hot sauce! And the look on my mother's face after he showed her the name was priceless! Hahaha! ;)


vickyj said...

This was a great post, Post!

Suzi Q said...

Kevin found my easter candy stash, and it was gone shortly after that. PIG.