Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thoughtful Nonsense

definitely pre-pregnancy *sigh*

Hey did you know I'm pregnant? 
I forget sometimes so I thought I would remind you.
There's just so much to think about these days, what with royal weddings and natural disasters and assassinating terrorists on the news.

By the way, ABC was the first to tell us that Osama Bin Ladin was dead.  Only I saw it first and Kyle was in the bathroom so I shouted the news reports to him from the family room.  This is what I like to call effective marital communication.
Probably we should be marriage counselors or something.

Only the other day, pretty much out of nowhere, Kyle announces to me "But it's not like you're my soul mate or anything."

And what is a wife supposed to do with this type of spousal declaration?

I will tell you I mostly just rolled my eyes and pointed out the fact that this was a terrible thing to say, even if whatever it was that he meant by it was well-intentioned and had a good point to it.  But really the point is that the only thing I remember him saying is "You're not my soul mate." 
And thus ends the fairytale.

I think that maybe the soul mate declaration came after watching 500 Days of Summer, which was wonderfully tragic in it's own right.  It definitely sparked some conversation about our own previously failed relationships and something about choosing our own fate.  And then somehow ended in us not being soul mates?  (I'm sure Kyle will have a rebuttal for this later)

And to bring it all full circle, I did choose to be pregnant and thus it is my fate.  Only don't you think fate sounds terribly unromantic and dreadful?  Pregnancy may be odd and life altering and uncomfortable at times but I certainly don't find it to be dreadful... although perhaps a bit unromantic, what with the constant heartburn and associated belching and all.

And anyway, what was this supposed to be about?
I forget sometimes.

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vickyj said...

I am so often confused, and sometimes concerned, by the comment sharing in this Post relationship; but I love your pre-pregnancy sigh photo. : )