Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kyle's Place: Obsessed with Sports

I have a confession. 
As you have probably learned by reading our blog, I am obsessed with sports.
Yeah, I admit it.
Sports make me really happy.
They bring out emotion.
They bring out passion.
They bring out memories of incredible victories and depressing defeats.
They make you want to hug your buddy after an incredible victory (thanks Kevin).
They also might want you to kick a kitten after a heartbreaking defeat (thanks Kyle Brotzman. Dude make a freaking field goal! It was 26 yards away. My grandma could have made that! I can almost pee farther than 26 yards. You choked!)

But that’s what makes sports great! If women can have 10,000 different moods in a day, men can have a couple of moods related to sports.

Sports are intense.
Sometimes it comes down to the final seconds.
Sometimes you feel your blood pumping as you watch your team make the game-winning 3 pointer at the buzzer. (By the way, why do women want to tell you something interesting about girl stuff or want you to take the garbage out when these final seconds of the game are counting down?)

Sports build memories between people and can be talked about for hours, even 50 years later.

If sports had never existed in this world, then happiness would have never existed either.


Ryan & Chantal said...

I will never forget the time when the Jazz were playing the Suns to get into the NBA finals and John Stockton made a 3 point shot in like the last 3 seconds after a time out. It was amazing. My whole family jumped up and down and screamed. My baby brother cried because we scared him. The entire thing is quite unforgettable. So I concur!

Lori Killian said...

Kyle!!! remember me? How can you forget? I got sent to the deans office for sneaky back from you apartment in the middle of the night once.

Anyways... You are freakin' hilarious. Seriously one of the funniest people I have ever met! Ever.

Now let me answer you question about women and trying to steal your attention during crucial moments a game (by the way, I am totally qualified to answer because my husband is also a sports maniac): Men are always so even tempered and mellow and sports bring out all these crazy emotions and we sometimes ask ourselves "what is this thing that can bring out all these emotions?" and then we have to prove to ourselves that you still love us more by testing weather you could even hear us over your crazy obsession.

And that is my two cents.

Anyways, I love your blog. It is super cute and now I will be stalking it.