Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A List

baby shoes I made for my GREAT nephew, Crew.  (yes, I am a 26 year old great aunt. remind me how strange this is)

After this post from yesterday, I've been doin' a lot of thinkin'.  And you know, there really are a lot of things I'd love to do at home when I have all day to be at home.  So because I love lists and because I've yet to upload our Valentine's Day pictures to blog about, I give you:

A List of Things I'm Going to Do Instead of Just Eating Eggs & Toast and Full-Time Baby Staring 
(You know, once the baby comes)
(Is it ever really going to come?)
  1. Paint kitchen cabinets white
  2. Make throw pillows
  3. Sew fabulous baby clothes & more baby shoes!
  4. Perfect the art of baking with yeast
  5. Grow veggies in a garden
  6. Refinish bedroom furniture
  7. Frame pages from my vintage fashion magazines
  8. Go on long walks
  9. Repaint kitchen
  10. Get reacquainted with the library
  11. Re-string my guitar
  12. Refinish kitchen table (sorry, Mom!)
  13. Update bathrooms
  14. Organize my spaces
  15. Paint banisters/railings
  16. Paint sewing room
  17. Recover our wing-back chairs and loveseat
  18. Refinish ceiling fans
  19. Spend more time at my favorite thrift stores & lots and lots of yard sales
You better believe this is going to make for some better blogging.  Imagine: fewer posts about stupid bus rides into the city and more about me me me!! 

Okay just kidding. 

More about the projects that really get me going and less about people-stalking.  Maybe still some people-stalking... but with more projects and a heckuva lot of painting
(Because I'm a project-y girl and I love me some paint) 

Also, I promise to provide real pictures of stuff instead of just hacking Google images and whatever happens to be on my cell phone.

You guys, I cannot wait.

Can this baby come any sooner?!?


Crystal said...

*sigh* I remember back in the days when I thought that staying home with my kids would allow me to have so much TIME. Those were the good old days :)
No really, though, I love your list. Lots of moms definitely have loads of down-time in the first year or so when the baby still takes 2 naps.
Being home with your kids is priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am beyond excited for you! And if my first child wasn't such a clingy social butterfly who never leaves me alone, then I'd like to think I'd be as ambitious as your are!!

mrsmonje said...

I love your list of ideas, I stay home now and none of my things I want to do get done lol! I want a pair of those baby boots and I wish both of our pregnancies would hurry!

It Started With a Wink said...

haha I repainted the kitchen table from my mom, she came over and after admitting it looked really good gave us a lecture on the great wood it was under there, I can't even remember what kind haha

Amber said...

Sounds like a fab list! I am sitting here with my 12 day old and I'm not sure when I'll be able to sit down and read much again...I'm working on catching up on some blogs right now! I don't think I've read any since she was born. We're still working on our routine though!