Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Urban Discovery and Other Local Curiosities

I am now what is called "a commuter."

Now that we live two counties away, next door to the cows and down the road from the pig farm, I make the daily commute downtown via Utah's public transportation.  (But doesn't it sound so chic to say you work "downtown"?) (I'm all about chic these days) 

So the bus takes me by this particular building every day.  And you know what?  I have no idea what this building is for.  But there are pigeons bursting out of it on all sides!  PIGEONS!  You knew Salt Lake had seagulls, but pigeons?  I somehow feel so urban now, as if this makes Salt Lake a more legit inner city or something.  And pigeons are so urban.

The bus does not take me by this house, but isn't it strange and creepy and very lost boys of Peter Pan all at the same time?  It's a treehouse?  I think?  You can barely make out the shape of the house behind all the pipes and streamers and whathaveyou hanging from the trees.  When we drove by it I made Kyle stop so I could oogle and take pictures with my lousy camera phone.  But don't you kind of want to go in there?

Did you know I hate moths?  I have a rather irrational phobia of moths.  It makes my skin crawl just to think of them.  And would you believe that THIS monster moth was on our driveway??  I shudder.

So I was baking the other day and guess what?  Twins!  This must be a good omen for something, don't you think?  I mean, twins!  Twins are not so common, they say.  But they do run in Kyle's family. 

In other kitchen news: I burned myself on the crock pot so Kyle was so kind as to install this cautionary sign.  Thoughtful, isn't he?

And lastly, meet Jermaine.  This is the pirate that played a somewhat minor part in Valentine's Day 2009.  He now greets me at my desk every morning and guards my computer by night.  A fearsome sailor, indeed!


Rich and Brianne said...

Fear of moths is not irrational. They are of the devil. And I swear they know what I'm thinking and lie in wait to attack me. That is a very scary looking moth!

Abby said...

You complete me.