Monday, November 9, 2009

Unreasonable Fears

I have some ridiculous fears.  Don't you have some too?  I manage them with healthy doses of chocolate.  Also ginger ale, when appropriate.

Its true, I ride an elevator every day.  Sometimes dozens of times in a day.  But I still hate it.  I especially hate the "express" elevator that skips the first 14 floors at light speed only to make you nauseas when finally arriving at the 26th floor.  My worst fear?  The elevator cables snap just before reaching the 26th floor only to plummet its passengers hastily to the basement.  Yes, now you are afraid too.

The Moth
Really, do these even serve a purpose in life but to torment mankind?  I think they are horrid.  I hate them because they're unpredictable and they fly in your face and I'm pretty sure they feed on your hair while you're sleeping.  They also smell awful when they get caught in lamps and burn.  Ew.

I'm an adult.  I should be able to do this.  But seriously, every time I get on a plane I panic.  Turbulence?  Don't even get me started on turbulence.  My only solace is that complimentary beverage.  For some reason I'm always at ease once I get my can of ginger ale.  Its like a gentle reminder that I've done this before and I've survived every time.

I'm convinced that lakes are lined with dead bodies and fish that want to eat your flesh.  I especially hate that mushy mud-like mixture that squeezes between your toes when you walk along the bottom.  Oh and then those plants lurking beneath just waiting to latch onto you.  While this fear does not stop me from participating in lake activities, just beware that when I jump in, I will have a panic attack and my feet will be sticking out of the water

I can't even look at this picture it is so freaky.  I know that there are millions of people who share my fear of spiders.  For those of you who are not yet afraid, just wake up one morning with one of these nasties crawling around under your shirt.  You will never be the same.  Yeah, that happened to me.


Kellie said...

AMEN on the flying and LAKES... I cannot handle swimming in a lake! The thought of fish swimming near my feet is SO creepy. Yuck. And everytime I fly now I feel like I have to have my life in order just in case I die in an accident!! It's horrible. Spiders creep my out, but aren't my BIGGEST fear... my husband on the other hand can point a spider out in the darkest of nights so that we can avaoid them-he hates them SO much.

Rich and Brianne said...

I hate the moths too! I am very frightened of them. They beat at your head and leave moth dust and they are seriously the spawn of the devil.

KimiK said...

I would have to agree with most of these :)
One of my fears, is the fear of failing. This, unfortunately, has kept me in a safe distance from a lot of my dreams.
Where are you getting all of these photos for your posts?? They are great!