Sunday, November 8, 2009

So I Married a Sports Fanatic

Kyle: On the way to Idaho I'm going to explain to you the reasons why we hate the University of Idaho.  You must learn.

Kyle is so sneaky.  When we first started dating he kept his sports fanaticism quiet and let it out slowly as the months went by.  Then one day we're married and its football season and Saturday through Monday our apartment is filled with the sounds of TV commentators, hard hits, and Kyle's intermittent shouting at the TV.  I keep reminding him that they can't hear him, but he is a man and men can only do one thing at a time so he is only tuned into the game.

Kyle: Shoestring tackle?!? Shoestring tackle...

Yesterday I tried to tell Kyle of the horrible dream I had had in the night only to realize that my 5 minutes of detailed dream-recounting fell on deaf ears.  I forgot there was a game on and to make things more complicated, he was trying to read an article about Boise State at the same time.  I don't think he had any idea I was even talking.  Oh well, it's not his fault he was born a sports addict.

Kyle:  You don't call somebody a weiner after a hit like that

This is hard for me to understand because I am a woman and women are multi-taskers.  In fact, I'm often more productive when I'm doing more than one thing at a time.  So... maybe I'm not actually more productive, but at least I think I am.  I work best under stress.  I can watch America's Next Top Model while talking to my mom on the phone, searching the internet for recipes for dinner and uploading pictures to facebook.  But Kyle?  Kyle is a man and must do one thing at a time.  Aren't they all that way?

Kyle: How about tacklin him?!?  Gosh Dangit.

So there's a game on tonight and Kyle is shouting funny things at the TV while I alternate between, facebook, and recording this magical Sunday moment in our very own weblog.  To be quite honest, I really adore Kyle's sports fanaticism.  He makes a point to include me in his commentary and even rewinds the games (thank you DVR) to show me cool tackles and awesome plays.    He takes the time to explain things to me so I'm not totally lost.  Most important of all, Kyle is passionate about the things that he loves and while he loves football a whole lot, I know he loves me more.

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