Thursday, May 20, 2010

But There Are No Seatbelts On The Train?

Speaking of public transportation...

I was so lucky as to spend thirty minutes on the train.  There is no personal space on the train.  I was smashed up to the greasy window when I noticed my seat partner was reading what appeared to be a rather interesting novel. 

my attempt at photographing my neighbor-reader.  he is on the left. 
the woman you see on the right is a starer.
Since I was wearing sunglasses, I figured there was no harm in reading over his shoulder.  It's a Dan Brown.  But which one?  One I've read or one I should read?  I was just getting to the bottom of this when he turned ninety degrees to the left, severing my visual contact with his pages. 

Did he actually notice my eyes glancing sideways over his shoulder to read his mystery novel?

Was he reading my mind as I was reading his pages?

Did I forget to put on deodorant this morning?

Will he notice me trying to get his picture with my phone?

Whatever the reason, I was slightly put-out at his sudden change in direction and am still left wondering which Dan Brown novel was so interesting as to deny clever strangers an over-the-shoulder read.  I guess now I just have to read them all.

Then I noticed the girl across from me who was wearing a very large puffy jacket with what appeared to be a seat belt around her waist. 
But there are no seatbelts on the train? 
And am I the only one suffocating in this muggy space?

actual photo from my phone
On the train you sit two to a seat, each seat facing another.  So pretty much if you're not reading something, you're staring at the person sitting across from you.  She was reading a local newspaper of some kind.  I caught a glimpse of an ad that had "HUGE YARD SALE" written in bold letters and she turned the page before I could find out the location of such a great sale.  The nerve!  What is with people and their inconsiderate reading?  Don't they know I'm trying to read too?!?

actual photo of mystery woman (on the left)
Enter Mystery Woman B, who had seemingly bathed in a vat of alcoholic beverages just prior to boarding the train.  She sat within arms length of me and smelled so awful I forgot why I was even on the train in the first place. 

Please, for the love of all that's holy, do not enter my personal space when smelling so foul. 

Oh that's right, there is no personal space on the train.


Abby said...

I love that you posted pictures of these people!

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