Monday, April 26, 2010

Such is Life

We have been doing a lot of this lately:

And by we, I mean Kyle because in this house the wife does not do the mowing and weed-whacking.  You see, Kyle is in love with our patchy, uneven, lawn.  If I were to mow or weed it, what would he do when he came home from work?  What would he daydream about?  How else would he get that wonderful gasoline/grass/sweat smell in the evenings?  And how else would he sunburn the back of his neck?  Really though, I hate mowing the lawn.  Kyle couldn't be more perfect for me because if it were up to me, I'd just throw bags of wildflower seeds all over the grass and bask in the springtime pollen.

Speaking of lawn-lovin', this little beauty came home with the Kyle our first day in the house.  He loves it and I'm so glad he loves it because I really do hate mowing the lawn.  Have I mentioned I don't like to mow?  I tried three times to get this picture to turn the right way and it was just not happening.  It is very stubborn.

We were so fortunate to have both our parents stay a few days to help us move and get everything set up.  If it wasn't for my dad, we'd probably still have splintery wood toilet seats.  (thanks dad!) (oh and sorry about the splinters Abby...)

Proof that Kyle is now officially a handy man.

And THIS is just a small sampling of all the colors we went through before finally settling on "mushroom bisque" for the majority of our wall colors, which is really ironic because Kyle hates mushrooms and I don't even know how to define bisque except that it's some kind of soup.  Oh but Kyle does love soup!  I will share pictures of our mushroom bisque walls when I feel satisfied with the arrangement of our inside spaces.  Also, I'm a bit too lazy at the moment to get up and photograph.

(our kitchen before we moved in. the fake ivy was first to go)
If I get my way, someday in the near future our kitchen will receive blue walls, white cabinets, some open shelving, and butcher block or white tile countertops.  Unless I change my mind before that can happen.  I am rather prone to rapid-mind-changing.  It is a disease I have suffered from for the entirity of my life.

In case you were wondering, as of tonight I am very much less a blonde--thanks Suzi!  It was time for a change.

And guess what?  The cutie neighbor girls walked across the street to introduce themselves to me while I was spray-attacking the masses of tiny insects outside our windows.  I love the cutie neighbor girls!  They are especially adorable riding their bikes at night in their princess nightgowns.  I felt so sad to not have my own cute little girls for them to ride bikes in princess nightgowns with.

I love our new little neighborhood.  It's very small-town but still close to my favorite eateries and shopping places.  AND with the express bus coming every ten minutes, I get a nice 30 minute nap on my way to work. 

Okay okay one more thing: I stumbled upon the greatest little flea market/antique shop just down the road.  I easily spent an hour digging through shelves and shelves of fantastic vintage stuffs.  (Be still my heart)  Miraculously, I did not buy one thing there but only because I couldn't decide what things to buy--I wanted it all!  Also I had just picked up some vintage canning jars and a galvanized metal bucket at the DI and you know I just couldn't overwhelm the husband with extreme excesses of glass and fanceries.  You see, if I bring home a few pieces at a time, he will not even notice what is happening.  So far my plan is working.  Best that he not catch on.

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Abby said...

Great post Mrs. Post! :0) My butt is finally healing from the splinters, ha ha ha :0)