Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sugar Demons Be Gone!

(we've come a long way in nutritional information and mascara application)
The last week or two the sugar-craving demons have been mind-controlling.  As in they constantly instruct my brain to call out to my hands shouting, "Red-alert!  Grab any and all sugary foods and insert into mouth immediately!  All systems go!" 

And then I find myself mindlessly consuming so-so Easter candy at my desk and giving in to the Grape Fanta from the break room.  I go home at night and fix dinner, but really my mind is all wrapped around the desserts I will have!  Peach cobbler?  Check!  Dairy Queen?  Check!  Triple Chocolate Ghiradelli Brownies?  Check! Check! Check!

But you know what?  I think the brownies took me over the edge last night.  Don't get me wrong, they were divine.  Heavenly.  Mind-blowingly delicious.  But today?  Today I do not want sugar.  I want to stay far, far away from sugar.  I think I've finally been exorcized of the sugar-craving demons.  Even my PBJ sounds much too sweet for today's lunch. 

And let me tell you something, you may not even believe it, but I actually have candy at my desk and I haven't touched it all day.  It's true!  I don't even want it.  I glared at it earlier and I'm not giving in.  Ick.

And no, I am not pregnant.  These are craving demons that I have lived with my whole life-long.  I can't even begin imagine what kind of craving demons will control my mind when I am someday expecting a baby Post!

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Abby said...

Oh Twin....I love you and your sugarness