Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Heritage Park

We had such a nice Saturday recently that we decided to take our first family of four outing to This is The Place Heritage Park.  As luck would have it, we ended up there during Avery's nap time and the poor kid was so tired the whole time.  There was so much for her to see and do that she stayed awake and happy but was passed out in the car not even 5 minutes after we left.  Kellen did was Kellen does best right now and slept like a baby.

We only had to wait a whole half an hour for Avery and Kyle to ride the slowest train on the planet.
She still talks about it though so I guess it was worth it.

Kyle got stuck practically sitting on a little girl with every stuffed in front of him.  Whoever designed this ride is genius....

Three trips around the pond.

There was the cutest little pioneer play houses there and now I desperately want one in our backyard.

Avery took it upon herself to empty the houses of all their furniture.

She carried that chair a loooong way for a little girl.

I was so excited for her to see the baby animals but she was a little less than enthused to say the least.  We did get her to hold this baby chick but the poor thing looked miserable.  And as soon as it tried to wiggle away from her she dropped it and screamed.

We didn't fare much better with the pony rides.
She loved them until Kyle tried to put her on the saddle and she freaked out.
Now she frequently recollects the "scary horses."

Trying out a real feather bed was also "scary."

In the end, we had so much fun (all the "scary" included) that this sleepy girl face napped all the way home.

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