Tuesday, June 4, 2013


My baby boy is 2 months old!

9 lb. 7 oz.
23 in.
5 shots in his scrawny baby legs :(

But let's talk here about the elephant in the room.  My hair.  Did you notice?  (How could you not) 

Not to take away from my darling son's 60 day life milestone, but I'm going to talk about me.  Me and my elephant hair.  

It's not that I HATE it per say, but I'm having a hard time loving it. I suppose it really is my fault because I told my (new) stylist I wanted to be blonde for crying out loud (the last 2 I've been to spent an hour coloring my hair "blonde" only for it to look the same as when I walked in).  I even picked out the blondes myself.   But really, who trusts ME to pick out hair color?  That's what I pay them to do, no?  

It took 3 hours to get my hair this shade of yellow.

I have hopes that after another week or two of religious use of purple shampoo, I might come to love my new shade of blonde.  If not, I'm going back in a month anyway.  I'm giving him another shot at it.  Also, I was served tasty snacks and got a facial massage while I was there and it was perhaps the most relaxing 3 hour hair appointment I've ever had.

My only problem now is trying to figure out what I can wear with this hair!  My favorite mustard cardigan is officially on vacation now.  Also, I need a tan.

But tell me, why does hair have to be so complicated?


It Started With a Wink said...

Go see John at Lunatic Fringe on 21st South, I never had him do color on me but I know people he has, plus he's amazing and I think he's the only person I will ever let touch my hair again after a 2 year vacation from him

Vicky Hale said...

Hair aside (now that it's all fixed and gorgeous), this is the most adorable shot of mommy and baby boy.