Monday, April 29, 2013

moody & unpredictable

so i'm not much of a cat person.
cats are great and all from a distance, but in my experience, they are very moody and unpredictable.  you might be sitting comfortably, a cat purring softly nearby, and the next thing you know it's claws are in your face.  you just never know with cats.  they make me nervous.

also, toddlers.  specifically, my toddler.

i've decided that avery, as cute as she may be, is also very much like a cat.
moody and unpredictable.

we will be having a great time playing with toys or something and all of a sudden she will lunge at my face, brandishing her tiny fingernail claws.  or my new "favorite", if i'm sitting on the floor, she will come up behind me, pull up my shirt and swipe a scratch on my back.  why?!  just last night she was riding on kyle's shoulders and she suddenly grabbed at his face, drawing blood from his eyelid.  on several occasions, my mom has been holding avery and out of nowhere she's viciously ripped her glasses off her face.

at this point, i'm seriously afraid to put my face anywhere near avery's hands.
you just never know when she's going to strike. 

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