Sunday, July 1, 2012

If anyone asks, I'm the old lady hanging out with the babies

I decided I'm pretty much the grandma of all our friends.
We went to a water park with our friends Rachael and Zane and their little Hudson.  While everyone took turns going on water slides, I was content playing with the babies.  I don't know, something about shooting down a tube of water just doesn't appeal to me much.

I did, however, take this baby strawberry down a baby water slide.  And we played in the baby pools and floated around the lazy river a few times.

 We also guarded the tubes while everyone else was enjoying their water wedgies shooting down tubes of water.

But really, who needs water slides when you have these delicious baby thighs and a WWE beach towel?

And handsome baby boyfriends.

I'm pretty content being the "grandma" of sorts.
You can keep your water wedgies all to yourselves, 'cause me and this babe have a pretty good time together.

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