Friday, June 29, 2012

Bad News, Good News

Bad News: This week has been insanely busy
Good News: It's almost over

Bad News:  We almost sold our car.  4 times.  But didn't.
Good News:     ...    We still have 2 cars to drive?

Bad News:  Avery woke me up at 6:00 AM with a blowout diaper that soaked through her sheets.
Good News:  She got to play in the bath this morning.

Bad News:  We switched to Huggies and 2 days later, Avery gets a major diaper rash (every freaking time)
Good News:  We saved a whole $5.00 not buying Pampers....

Bad News:   I missed a PKU, low protein cooking class today because Avery was screaming all morning (diaper rash)
Good News:  One less thing I have to do today.

Bad News:  I lost a lot of hair after I had Avery.
Good News:  The regrowth is almost long enough now to lay flat.

Bad News:  Avery fell down a stair 3 times this week.
Good News:  She learned how to go down the stairs the RIGHT way.

Bad News:  I can't be at my dear friend's wedding in Colorado today.
Good News:  I'm happy knowing she is insanely happy anyway.

Bad News:  I have nothing to wear today.  So I'm wearing Kyle's clothes.
Good News:  I finally lost the 5 lbs. I gained on our Texas road trip so when I eventually decide to do laundry, my jeans will fit again.

Bad News:  I still have work to get done today.
Good News:  It's pay day!

Happy Friday!


Nick and Jaimee said...

I am sad to be missing the wedding too. I wish we all could have been there together!

Cobilynn said...

love this idea for a post. Great way to explain the truths of life and show how to get through. You're awesome! Glad I was able to meet you the other night at Snap Mixer.