Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More from Texas

Another Texas post!  (Are you tired of it yet?)
Today covers the day my oldest niece, Morgan, graduated from high school!
That makes me feel very old.
Except for the fact that Kyle's nephews (you know, the ones on his side of the family) are just a couple years younger than me.  And because of that I am also a great aunt.  All of these things make me feel old.

We had a pre-graduation dinner celebration at a tasty Mexican joint, where Avery tried to hog all the attention by being extra cute.

She's really into faces.

Adorable attention hog!

But this day was really about this girl.
I was 9 years old when she was born.  *sniff*

I die.
This picture really has nothing to do with Morgan's graduation other than it was taken on the same day.
At this very moment, I was trying to take advantage of Avery's cuteness in order to persuade someone to change her diaper.  It didn't work.

My mom, my grandma, all the sisters and almost all the nieces all in one bed.

More irrelevant baby cuteness.

Again, I die.

 Ok last one I promise.

 So the thing about Texas is it's great and all but my experience is that driving ANYWHERE, especially to somewhere important, is inevitably going to be a disaster. 

How to turn a 30 minute drive into a 2 1/2 hour nightmare:
5:00 rush hour traffic
3 out of state drivers
14 family members
1 high school graduate
1 unsuspecting friend of the graduate
1 rollover freeway accident
2 bagillion Texas on the road

We were all cursing by the time we got to the graduation -- 15 minutes before it was supposed to start.
Morgan was supposed to be there 2 hours early.
It was stressful.

 But we all made it!

 I like to giggle about the fact that there were more graduates than were in Kyle's entire high school.

Stop growing up!

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