Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Texas-sized Surprise Party

One of the first things to do when we got to Texas was surprise our mom with a 60th birthday party!
Her birthday isn't until July but it's a rare occasion that all of the sisters can be together at one time, so we decided to celebrate early.  Also, she didn't even see it coming.

See how surprised and happy she is?!?
(this picture cracks me up every time)

 We had a pinata!
It only took her 2 hits with the karate stick to tear that thing to shreds.
(my mom is the coolest)

Kids picked through candy.

Mom cleaned up paper.

  Grandma sorted candy.

Sisters bonked heads.

And then there was pie!

And candles!

And birthday wishes!

Happy early birthday, mom.
(She sure is beautiful)


vickyj said...

Thank you, Kourtney, for putting the blog together. Thank you Kim for taking and sharing the photos. Thank you Kari for buying all the party stuff. Thank you Kelli for hosting the party and for the traditional shish-ka-bob birthday bbq. Thank you mother for giving me life and a surprise party. Thank you hubby for the gift of PBR Finals in Las Vegas!! I feel sooo celebrated!

vickyj said...

Oh, and thank you mother for the traditional lemon pie with the sinking "60th" birthday candle.