Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colorado Part 2

We only really had one day in Colorado and there was so much I wanted to do that just couldn't happen in one day.  But we did take advantage of a free babysitter (thanks Kari!) and took off to Fort Collins (my hometown) for a date.  

We grabbed take-out from my favorite Chinese restaurant in Fort Collins, South China.  We both got sesame chicken because, well, it is the best.  Although we probably should have shared a plate.  We drove to a nearby park and had a take-out picnic by this little pond.

It was pretty much the most magical date ever.
Except see the smoke in the background?  That major Colorado wildfire started that same morning and was already kicking up a lot of smoke.  I had no idea at the time that it would turn into such a disaster.  It makes me sad :(

We had plans to hike Horsetooth Rock after dinner and figured we could see the fire from there.  We probably could have, except by the time we finished dinner and drove to the trailhead, it was after 8pm and beginning to get dark.  And the hike was longer than I remembered.... I had thought we could get up and back in like an hour or less, but I was wrong.  So we settled for a mountain drive and views of the sun setting behind the smoking mountains.

And a stop at Horsetooth Reservoir.
I got a little nostalgic here.
(I love Colorado)

It was probably good we decided not to hike that night because a 5 mile hike after eating sesame chicken and fried rice didn't really sound all that appetizing.

But no trip to Fort Collins would be complete without visiting Old Town Square.
Fort Collins has changed a lot since I lived there (going on 7 years now-holy crap) but Old Town is still the place to be on a weekend night.

And we got a ninja show from this little kid in a ninja costume.
He was pretty good with nun chucks.

And then I cried on the way back to my sister's house.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like anyone who has ever lived in Fort Collins loves it so much.  Pretty much it's the best place to live ever and I wish we could move there right this minute.


vickyj said...

It IS the best place to live.

Chantal said...

We miss Fort Collins too, and we only live 45 minutes away! Maybe someday you'll find yourself back there. :) And I'm glad you made it to South China - I hope it was as good as you remembered!

Jamie said...

My feelings exactly. I've been loving being here for this long and NOT looking forward to leaving. It almost feels like we're shouldn't be leaving. Oh FoCo.