Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Part Three: Liberty Park

Liberty Park is one of the coolest places in Salt Lake, especially in the summer.  I used to live a couple blocks from there and it was one of the best perks of living downtown.  In the summer they have a few carnival rides and carnival food! $2 cotton candy!  I didn't get any... this time.  But I want to go back for some.  I don't even really like cotton candy, but it's like the principal of the thing, ya know?

So after we hung out at Tracy Aviary (which is also at Liberty Park), we spent some time wandering around the park.  And don't you think Liberty is a great place to celebrate Memorial Day?  I do think so.

Liberty Park also has this cool splash pad type area where kids can play in streams of water that are made to represent Utah canyons.  We hadn't planned to go there, so Avery was totally unprepared to get wet.  That didn't stop her though.  I rolled up her pant legs and let her at it.
She loved it.
I know she loved it so because when I finally plucked her out to free her from her soaking wet clothes (and diaper) she screamed bloody murder all the way back to the car.

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