Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being a parent is scary shiz

This baby face is enjoying a sucker from the doctor's office.
But I think I needed the treat more for what she just put me through!

I had put Avery down for a nap and she was crying her saddest sad cry so I gave in and went up to get her from her crib.  She flopped over with her leg stuck in the railing and started screaming, only she wasn't making any sound at all.  Her face turned blue and then she went limp in my arms!  It took me a good minute or two to get her to breathe again and be responsive, all while I was smacking her back and screaming at her thinking to myself, do I know how to call 911?!? (I know.  The dumbest thing to ever think).  After she came to, she was glazed over and acted drowsy for 10 minutes or so and then was back to her crazy self.

And then the shock of what just happened hit me and I had a break down.

I talked to our nurse who had us bring her in to be checked out and she is fine.  Apparently she had a breath holding spell, which I guess is actually kind of common?  She was crying so hard (I guess because she hurt her leg when she fell over in her crib) that she stopped breathing and passed out.

I have never heard of this!
We told the doctor people should warn parents that things like this can happen and his response was that then we'd never want to have kids.

He's right.

If I knew all the scary and awful things I'd go through even just 10 months into being a parent, I probably would have been too scared to have kids.

I'm just glad it's nothing serious.  Although I'm not pleased that she will probably do this regularly until she "grows out of it" in 2 or 3 years.  Great.  Who wants to be on my speed dial to calm me down the next time she decides to go blue and pass out in my arms?  And then bring me a sucker?


Megan B said...

Aw, hugs to you, mama. You poor girls!!

It Started With a Wink said...

So scarey! I know if you blow on their faces they usually will take a breath but that sounds wilder then I ever saw!

Monika said...

Yikes, that is really scary! You are definitely terrifying me about having kids!

Glad she is ok, sorry you have to put up with it for the next few years. I hope only sparingly!

Tara said...

That would be horrible. I remember my mother in law telling me one of her kids used to do that and how scary it was. Your have a tough job there. But it seems like you are doing a good one.