Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Part One: The Zoo

We had such a great Memorial Day and took so many pictures that I'm gonna have to break it up into more than one post.  Maybe 2.  Maybe 3.  I haven't decided yet.
So here's part 1: The Zoo!
We recently bought season passes to the zoo (you go twice and it's pretty much paid for itself) so we were excited to finally check it out.  The weather was PERFECT.  And apparently everyone else in the Salt Lake valley had the bright idea to go to the zoo on Memorial Day.  Oh well.

We met up with our friends Dani and Randy and Ainslie at the zoo and I stole this picture from them :)

Family Photo!!

The giraffes were one of the few animals Avery actually seemed to notice.

Probably because she is so enamored with her freaking shoes.

I mean really.  This girl and her shoes.  It's a crazy love story.

Gorilla watching.
(It actually kinda freaked me out)

Avery loved her first ride on a carousel.
She seemed nervous at first but started singing quietly to herself after the first couple of rounds.

It's okay if you think my husband is hot in this picture because I totally do.
(unless you're my mom.  that's just weird).

Family photo reflection style.

We made it through roughly 4 hours of zoo time with practically no baby meltdowns.  No sunburns.  And no lost shoes, which is definitely a miracle given how much Avery played with them not on her feet.  I call it a success!

Until next time, zoo.

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