Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I have a thing for interpreting my dreams.
I often have recurring dreams and it's always been so interesting to me that for years I could dream about the same situation/topic/scenario/whatever.  I figure it's a sign from above that I need to get a clue about something.  
That or I eat too much peanut butter and hot sauce during the day (not together).

Lately I dream all the time that I'm back in school and I can't remember my class schedule.  Or I can't find my class.  Or I just remembered I'm still in school and I'm completely unprepared.  Or I'm living with 12 other people in a 1 bedroom apartment and SOMEONE stole my makeup bag and therefore I'm late for the classes I signed up for but can't even remember when or where they are.

It's very frustrating and I wake up so anxious.

So I checked out Dream Moods, my favorite online source for interpreting my dreams (very scientific).
Here's what it says about my recurring dreams about classes:

To dream that you forget to attend a class you signed up for indicates your anxieties and fear of failing. You may also be lacking self-confidence in your ability to handle new responsibilities or projects

Oh my gosh it KNOWS me!  Seriously.  Fear of failing?  Check.  Lacking self-confidence?  Check check.  New responsibilities or projects?  Checkcheckcheckcheckcheck.  It totally describes how I'm feeling only I didn't even realize that was how I felt exactly.  I mean say what you want about kooky dreams and whatnot, but I love it.  Am I the only one who likes to try to interpret their dreams?

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