Sunday, April 15, 2012

And we chickened out

Well, we were supposed to be camping this weekend but the weather got crappy and we chickened out.  Left with no more plans, and a 3 day weekend, we spent Friday in Salt Lake.  Just the 3 of us.

The new City Creek mall is already my new favorite place.
Avery's too.  She could have spent all day at the indoor playground.

Everywhere she went she just kept laughing the whole time.  It was fantastic.

So fantastic, that she fell asleep shortly after.
And I spent 2 hours in Forever 21 and H&M (also fantastic).
And sadly left with nothing because after waiting in line for 20 minutes to get in an overheated dressing room and working up a sweat just trying on clothes, I did not want to wait in the hour long line to check out.
Probably a big fat waste of time but whatever.

And then we stopped for a terrible family picture by the Salt Lake Temple on our way to the car.

The End.

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