Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Salty Lake

In anticipation for a very, very long road trip coming up in June, we're attempting to acclimate Avery to her mortal enemy: the carseat.

So we took the long way to the Salt Lake for a little day trip.

 So the ride there wasn't so bad, but apparently water is the new enemy.
Get too close to the waves, and she starts freaking out.

 See the baby tear on her cheek?
So sad.

 ... and more tears.

We had a picnic a safe distance from the waves and she perked right up.

And the water by the dock wasn't so scary I guess. 

And then I dipped her feet in the water and she was freaked out again.

"Goodbye salty, salty lake!"
"Keep your stinky waves far away from me!"

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Megan B said...

She is sooo soooo cute!! Man. Good work.