Friday, February 17, 2012

Lab Visits & Lemon Babies

Last week we had to take Avery up to Primary Children's Hospital for a PKU clinic visit.
We met with her geneticist and dietitian and showed off how smart she is.

Every time we go to clinic she has to have plasma drawn at the lab which means she can't eat for 2-3 hours before the appointment.  She's so used to us taking her blood every week, she hardly even flinches now, but not eating for 2-3 hours?  THAT is tough.
What can I say?  She's just like me.

This lab visit was a little more traumatic, however, because they couldn't find her vein.  She was already mad from being hungry and was even madder that I had to hold her down and that was all compounded exponentially by the fact that she got poked 4 or 5 times, in both arms before they were able to get what they needed.

Avery cried.
I cried.
It was awful.

To make up for all the torture we endured, we went to dinner, which we pretty much never do anymore.

See her sad bandage on her hand?  She had rubbed the other one off already.

Ok this is probably so mean, but feeding babies lemons is never not funny to me.

The best face of the bunch!
You'd think she hated it, but she kept wanting more.

After dinner we had some time to kill in Salt Lake before picking my dad up from the airport, so we wandered around Temple Square, where I served my mission!  It will always be one of my favorite places.  
Avery passed out after only a few minutes.
Between the terrible lab experience and the lemons... we probably wore her out.

Oh I love this sleeping baby face!

Avery ended up staying up late to show Grandpa her new crawling skills and to enjoy the present he brought for her (that's really from Grandma I suppose).  And the next day she ended up getting sick and threw up all over him.  More than twice.

The End.

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mrsmonje said...

While its horrible she had to get poked as many times as she did, I must say her little band aid is so cute!!! Please post a video of her crawling, I want to see it oh so badly!!!!