Saturday, February 18, 2012


Valentine's Day 2012 was pretty nondescript.
We decided we'd go out to celebrate this weekend while we're around family who volunteer to babysit for free!  That and I was still sick and not really feeling like doing much of anything.
I did, however, get up at 5 AM (not by choice. thanks, Avery) and left sticky note love messages all over the house and Kyle's car for him.  Then I baked up delicious berry muffins for his breakfast.

And then he left without eating a single one.
I was so sad.
He made it up to me by sending me test love messages throughout the day and eating all the muffins when he came home.

But there was a surprise for Avery!

Kyle brought home a bunch of balloons for her.  We blew them up and stuck them in her crib thinking that it was going to be more excitement than one baby could ever have in her little baby life.

And this is what she did.

It's not that she didn't like them, I just think we enjoyed them more than she did.

In true Avery fashion, she tried to eat all of them.

And got mad when she couldn't fit it in her mouth.
I thought for sure she was going to pop one with her tiny teeth buds.
(she didn't)

And later I cooked up the most delicious salmon that our friends Kim and Josh caught in Alaska!
Seriously the freshest fish I've ever tasted.
(Thanks Kim & Josh!)
Salmon is very romantic.

Asparagus on the other hand...


vickyj said...

Gotta do my mother thing. Balloons are taboo for babies. If the balloon pops in their mouth, it can go down their throat and sufficate them. Go ahead. Google it and thank me later.

Anonymous said...

A 9 year old in our ward died blowing up a balloon. Sucked in rather than blowing out and that was it. Babies+balloons=NoNoNo!!!!