Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Born Sports Fan

I would say that we took Avery to her first Jazz game but I think maybe the scrimmage counted?
So I guess now she is a Jazz veteran.
They played the Lakers.
We hate the Lakers.

We ended up getting to the game almost 2 hours early so we watched the players warm up.
Side Note:  Can I just mention here how much I love this little owl hat my sweet friend Kim made for Avery? 
It's getting too small for her but I still make her wear it because it's so cute.
Also it totally matched her owl hoodie.

And Avery practiced spitting up.
On chairs.
On stairs.
On walkways.
She has great aim.

We are trying to make this girl a born sports fan.
I think it's the only way to survive in this family?

 This face.
I mean, I die.

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vickyj said...

She sure looks like she's enjoying the game. haha. She does have the cutest expressions. I'm so glad you post them because I miss them so much.