Monday, December 19, 2011

Lights, Basketball, and Babies

Saturday was Avery's 5 month birthday so we had the best date ever!
Really it had nothing to do with her 5 month birthday, but they DID happen to coincide.
So why not?

After grabbing some dinner, we went to Temple Square to see the lights.
I love this place.
(More about temples)

We figured Avery would love the lights because she is always drawn to anything bright and shiny.
And she did.

Not only was it Avery's 5 month birthday, but it was also one of the busiest nights EVER on Temple Square.  I think I may have become agoraphobic after pushing a stroller through mobs of thousands.

It's seriously such a beautiful place though.
And was totally worth the social anxiety.
And getting reprimanded for going the wrong way in the visitors center with a stroller.
(There was no way I was waiting in line behind 6 wheelchairs and 3 strollers to get in an elevator)

After walking around for awhile, we went back to the car for a costume change.  It was getting colder and Avery was not wanting to be in the stroller anymore.  And, we were heading to a Jazz scrimmage and couldn't take the stroller anyway.  So we packed the baby in a snow suit over her clothes so she'd stay warm.  I was dying about her reaction to being changed in the trunk of the car.  
She wouldn't move!  
She's a total Randy...

Avery's first Jazz experience!

My favorite face EVER.

I just can't help but love all over those baby cheeks!

Kyle filled me full of Jazz player facts the whole time.
I think I retained about 3%.
He told me I was his "Bro" for the night and he needed to unload sports knowledge on me.  

As fun as it was, she didn't last long.
Even with all the noise going on, she passed out after a half hour of scrimmaging. 

We ended the night waiting a half hour for Hatch's famous hot chocolate.
Well, Kyle waited in line.
I waited in the car with a sleepy Avery.
At $5 a cup, it wasn't as good as we remembered.
Oh well.

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vickyj said...

I go to sleep when it's too noisy, too.