Friday, December 16, 2011


Today we tried bananas.
I thought for sure she'd love it.

 This, to me, does not look like the face of a baby who loves the bananas.

She did eat it anyway, but the general theme of the day was "let's get bananas on all of the things."
Seriously.  Banana.  Everywhere.

ALL of the things.

Unfortunate consequences of feeding the baby fresh banana puree:
*Every part of banana that ended up on her onesie turned it brown. (which was a lot)
*Banana puree turns brown in the fridge.
*Brown banana spit up.
*Brown banana spit up.
*Brown banana spit up.

I'm tempted to only feed her applesauce for the rest of her baby life.

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Anonymous said...

So I am pregnant with #3 but have forgotten what having an actual baby child is like so I love reading your blog and remembering all the joyous (and not so joyous) discoveries and happenings! Glad to see you have a sleep schedule! Just remember than in 3 months it will all change :)