Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I think becoming a mom has changed me. 
And I don't mean just the clothes-are-always-covered-in-spit-up kind of change.
Or the I-only-wear-mascara-on-special-occasions kind of change.
Or not even the 4-hours-of-sleep-now-sounds-like-a-lot kind of change.

You see, late one night while feeding the baby in our old green chair, I started thinking about what it might be like to go skydiving.  I mean really, skydiving?!?  This has never even been an option to me.  I wouldn't say I'm scared of heights, but I am terrified of falling.  I hate falling-type roller coasters (okay so that means all of them).  I hate turbulent flights.  I even kind of hate elevators.  So skydiving?  Skydiving has never even been a thought.

But something got me thinking that maybe it would be really cool.  Life changing maybe?  And I think someone told me once that it doesn't even really feel like you are falling at all?  I got really excited thinking about it, even though not in a million years could I ever talk Kyle into doing it with me.

And then I remembered a story I recently heard about an old woman who waited her whole life to go skydiving and it ended tragically.

Maybe I'm not so changed after all.

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