Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot Cold

One of the most difficult things about marriage, I believe, is temperature control.
I am always cold.  Or hot.  But I'm never just right.
Kyle is always exactly the opposite of whatever I am.

The worst is riding in the car together.
In the winter he insists on blasting the heat on my face so he can warm up his hands.
His hands that got so super freaking cold walking from the Walmart entrance to the car.
Apparently in 30 seconds or less, his hands get so cold the blood practically freezes.
Or so he tells me.
I mean, it's not like he said those exact words, but I know it's what he meant.
(I can read between the lines)

The problem is, I cannot stand to have the heat blowing in my face.
It makes me car sick and crazy and sad.

It is approximately an 8 minute drive from our house to Walmart.
The whole way there and the whole way back is a constant battle for temperature control.

And at night you'll find me sleeping under a pile of blankets while Kyle is sweating to death.


Rich and Brianne said...

Rich's dream is to have a car with dual climate control.

vickyj said...

So why doesn't Kyle wear gloves? And why don't you close the vent that is blowing in your face? Or sit in the back with Avery? Is she warm or cold back there?

Kourtney said...

I know, good points. Here's the problem: only one of the two vents in my face close and when the other one is closed, it still blows air through. I usually do have to sit back with Avery... this is better but I still get blasts of heat to my face.

I suggest to Kyle that he wear gloves all the time. I think he must think he is too cool for them or something.