Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Baby

I think maybe I should rename this blog "Avery Adventures" because it's pretty much all about her anymore. 
Sorry, guys.
Hope you like babies!
I promised myself when I became a mom I wouldn't let my blog become 100% baby but the truth of it is, I don't know anything else anymore!  I'm so out of touch with life before baby.  
So it's either, I don't post much at all, or I post about Avery.

So here's more about Avery!

We took our Santa Baby to the church Christmas party.
No one tried to sit on her lap, though.

Bald dad's are great for teething babies!
His favorite is when she spits up on his head.
Or when drool runs down his face.
What a good dad :)


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Jen said...

Avery is so cute! We totally just bought Luke the same outfit and we got pictures taken of him in it. Ha ha.