Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We were eating dinner at the table and Avery just wanted to sit with us.  So I plopped her in the high chair and she watched us eat.  She was so interested in our dinner, we decided it was time for her to try baby food!  Because of PKU, we are starting Avery on applesauce because apples have very little PHE (maybe none?) so she can eat them all she wants without raising her PHE levels.

She was hesitant at first and even made a few faces, but then if we didn't keep the applesauce coming fast enough she'd scream and throw her arms around until she got another bite.

  I think that means she liked it.

 Even if most of it ended up on her clothes.

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mrsmonje said...

I love her face in the first picture!! I can't wait for Seth to eat some food :)