Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silver Lining

By now it's probably pretty obvious that PKU is not something we expected to experience (crap, I'd never even heard of it before Avery was born).  However, it has given us the opportunity to meet really cool people and have experiences that we never would have had otherwise.

While it sucks a lot most of the time, I guess even rain clouds have silver linings.

In just 4 short months (my baby's 4 months old today!) this PKU thing has become a major part of our lives.  It's now something that I'm really passionate about and as much as I wish I'd never heard of PKU, some days I feel like it just might even be a blessing.

(But when I'm pissed off about it later, don't remind me I said that, k?)

So last week I was interviewed by a reporter from The Salt Lake Tribune for an article about IPAD (Intermountain PKU and Allied Disorders Association) and some recent fundraising for PKU research.  My part in the article is very minor but it was a cool experience and I think it's even cooler that PKU is getting public exposure.  The fundraising and the article have really got me thinking about what more could I really do?  I've never been much into politics and my contributions to non profit organizations are limited.  And, *ahem* our own funds are pretty limited.  
So what could I do?  
Little old me?
I certainly can't enter a bike race.
I have no celebrity power...
Maybe I can become a reality TV star, make it as a B list celebrity, get recruited for Dancing With The Stars, and win lots of money for charity!
I think that is the path for me.
(I mean, a quote in the SL Tribune is a start, am I right?)

Something that totally never would have happened if we weren't going through all this.

Silver lining, right?


mrsmonje said...

I am so glad you are sharing your journey, I love reading about PKU and learning about it too. Avery is so lucky to have you as her mom :)

Kate [City Girl Mountain View] said...

Was very cool to see you quoted in the article! Love your comment about DWTS! I have been plotting to somehow get on The Amazing Race...