Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cloth Baby

Thanks to this post about cloth diapers, people are always asking me if we started using cloth.  I have resisted for 3 reasons:
1.  Avery has been to small for the one-size cloth diapers we bought
2.  The PKU diet has me shakin' in my boots and I haven't wanted to add any extra work to our daily routine.
3.  Watching an older baby every day (and changing his diapers) is making me think twice about washing that crap (literally).
But we were running low on disposables yesterday so I decided to break out the cloth.
You know, just for fun.

Cutest baby I've ever seen!
Right now we only have Fuzzibunz petites (I don't think they even make petites anymore).  They're supposed to be narrower through the waist, which is good for our skinny Avery, but they barely fit snugly on the tightest snaps.  They come up so high on her and are so bulky that I couldn't bend her at the waist to sit her up.

The added bulk made her clothes fit a lot tighter too!
I could barely snap up her onesie.

And the added bulk gave her some serious junk in the trunk.

I didn't have to run to the store to buy diapers (at least not right away)
It held everything in
Her little butt stayed dry
She looked dang cute in them.  Even with the junk in the trunk :)
They were easy to wash

They are sooo much more bulky than disposables
She couldn't sit up
Her clothes barely fit over them

So the jury's still out on this cloth diapering thing.


It Started With a Wink said...

I was actually wondering about this too, I don't have the courage to try!

mrsmonje said...

I also dont like how bulky the cloth diapers are but I ordered some bamboo inserts that are supposed to be thinner but more absorbent! So i am hoping those will work out! Avery is so cute I know I say that alot lol

[ .: Hols :. ] said...

I've been using cloth since week 3 (when we ran out of the disposables that had been given to us), and I love them.

Yes, a little bulky to start, but she will soon grow into them. You can also get a little snap extender for the onesies if it's just because of her junk in the trunk!

The cloth has saved us a lot of money instead of buying disposables.