Thursday, October 6, 2011


I hit up a ton of thrift stores while I was in Idaho!  It was so nice to go to some different places and I got some great treasures!

 Kyle's mom and I spent about a half hour looking for the letters to spell Avery.  Apparently E's and R's are hard to come by.  I also grabbed a couple of K's for Kyle and I although I don't know what I'll do with them.  I'm planning to put Avery's blocks on a shelf in the nursery, but I'm also thinking about maybe making some kind of wall art with them... maybe.  These were $.35 a piece and now I'm wishing I had bought more!

 I don't even know what kind of basket this is but it was $2 and I couldn't leave without it.

This is a rather large, old wine bottle.  There were 3 different shapes and now I'm wishing I'd bought more of them too!!  

 I instantly fell in love with these turquoise glasses and knew I had to have them!  We totally needed new short glasses anyway.

 DOILIES!!!  Kyle was really NOT happy I came home with these :)  
(He hates doilies)

I saw this doily table runner on Pinterest and I've really wanted to recreate it.  I think I'm still a few doilies short, but I'm getting there!

 I found this adorable knit fabric and I really want to make baby leggings for Avery with it!

I also grabbed this old pillowcase to make something for Avery.  A pillowcase dress perhaps?

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Gordita said...

Great finds! I totally had that sheet set growing up. I wonder what ever became of it...