Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cascade in September

In case you have forgotten, I spent the whole summer being pregnant or having a baby.
So basically we did pretty much nothing cool all summer long and our September trip to Idaho was to make up for all that.

 We spent the first week at a cabin in Cascade.  The cabin belongs to a family friend and Kyle grew up coming here in the summer.  

 The cabin has a beautiful patio area and fire pit that totally puts ours to shame.

Avery hung out by the fire in her carseat.

We took advantage of having Kyle's parents around to babysit and we spent every day 4 wheeling in the mountains.  This is pretty much Kyle's favorite thing to do and no summer is complete without some 4 wheeling.  I decided that 4 wheeling is kind of a lot like hiking only with less effort and more noise.  But you still get to see some beautiful stuff and go places I maybe wouldn't hike to.


 One of the days we were up there we drove to McCall.  Kyle's parents knew about these gardens that I guess are basically just someone's backyard that they've made into a gorgeous space that people can come and walk through.  It was tricky to find, but worth it in the end!

 If you look closely, you can see where Avery spit up on my sleeve.  
I'm not sure I even knew that was there.
I've gotten so used to it...

Avery was just happy to be out of the carseat.  This girl hates to be in the car!

mmmmm baby face.

 I love these two!

How many more pictures of Avery do you think I can squeeze in here?  
I love that she's sticking her tongue out :)

Well, that pretty much sums up our trip to Cascade.
More from the Idaho trip soon to come!

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vickyj said...

Thank you for "Posting". It's fun to see what you were doing.