Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back!

Two weeks ago we went to Idaho and I had perfectly good intentions of blogging during my down time.  Only I never did.
So now I'm really behind.

You know what craziness happened?  I left for Idaho with one baby and I came home with a totally different one.  In a good way though.  Avery has become much more playful and much less needy, which means I don't have to hold her 24 hours a day with a few 10 minute breaks here and there.  In fact, she is playing happily on the floor right this very minute.  And she likes her swing again!  Sweet success!

So here's a little run-down of my two weeksish of gem state vacationing:

4 fabulous days at a cabin in Cascade

4 fabulous days in Boise with my sister

4 fabulous days with my in-laws in Middleton

1 fabulous day with my family in Boise, where we converged for my cousin's wedding

1 fabulous hour with friends we love in Twin Falls

6 long, crappy hours in the car with a baby

It's good to be home!

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