Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Poor Kyle.  His ears were all plugged up and we tried to remedy it at home...  to no avail.  First we tried the ear drops to loosen everything up but they only made it worse.  After the drops he could hear practically nothing.  I would be talking two feet from his face and he would not know what I was saying.  Alternatively, I wouldn't say anything and he'd start shouting at me, "What did you say?"  This was not good.  Repeating myself is one of my biggest pet peeves and I have no patience for it.  Let me just say this: Kyle's plugged up ears were not good for our marriage.  

I tried to be Super Wife and ran to the store late at night for ear candles for him. They usually work but not this time!  And I burned a stupid hole in the carpet!

Kyle still couldn't hear anything.  He had some training for his new job in the morning and there's no way he would be able to hear anything so he went to urgent care before work and got his ears cleaned out.

So now my husband can hear.  But you know what?  He can hear EVERYTHING.  I had no idea he was so deaf before.  He jumps at the littlest sounds now and I've had to considerably adjust my speaking volume.  And all those nights he slept through Avery's hungry crying?  Haha.  Those are gone :)  

On the up side, at least now I have a glimpse of what our life might be like as old people one day.

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