Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

So I had a birthday last week. (September 28th)
I'm now 27 years old.
Exciting huh?
I was in Idaho and Kyle was in Utah so I spent the day with my lovely sister.

We had breakfast at Merritt's, a divey place in Boise that sells tasty scones!  I love this place and it's grossly unhealthy which make it perfect for birthday breakfast.

I got Avery a new toy for my birthday!
And in return, she got sick.
I think we went through 20 something diapers in one day, and she had her first diaper rash and fever.  I was so worried over her that I forgot I was going to make myself a birthday cake until late at night.

But I made it anyway.  Rainbow chip frosting has pretty much been my favorite ever since I can remember so I made a mini rainbow chip cake.

10 minutes after I frosted it, it looked like this.
Apparently you are supposed to let a cake cool or something before you frost it?  I'm obviously no baker.  

So we slapped on some more frosting, of course.

And Avery helped me blow out my candle.
Like how she's eating my arm?

Kyle came back to Boise Friday and brought with him my birthday present!
It's a steam mop!!!
It's just what I wanted :)

Happy birthday to me!
I'm starting to really feel old.


Kim said... are the most cutest girl ever! I'm so glad to have you as a sister in law! I just love how happy go lucky you always are and you are so good to blog and post the most precious pictures! I wish I could do that!!

Megan B said...

I cannot believe how long your hair is.

Oh yeah and happy birthday! That's the cutest cake I have ever seen.