Saturday, October 8, 2011


So Kyle got me this Shark steam mop for my birthday and I was so excited to use it, I got up at 6am to get the floors ready.  This thing also vacuums hard surfaces and by 7:30 am I had all the floors vacuumed.  But when I went to mop them, I could not get it to make steam.  I tried for an hour.  I was sad.

3 phone calls and 2 hours of driving from JC Penny to JC Penny* with a screaming baby, we returned home at 9 pm with a new steam mop.  And I was so excited to use it, I stayed up late to mop all the floors :)  

I don't think our floors have ever been so clean!  I would say that it has saved me hours of mopping, but I never mopped the floors anyway.  Kyle always did it.  Maybe that is why he decided to buy me this?  Hmm...

*Dear JC Penny, the next time I call ahead 
to make sure you have an item in stock 
and your salesman says "Yes we do" 
please remember that liars go to hell.


vickyj said...

So the first one was broke?

Rich and Brianne said...

I've had this same vacuum/steamer for almost a year, and I love it. My entire house has hard floors, so this is a lifesaver! Enjoy!!