Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm on a roll tonight

We bundled up and went for a walk tonight.  Avery is almost 3 months old and while she is finally too long for a lot of her newborn clothes now, she is still too skinny to fill out the 0-3 months.  She's practically swimming in her little jacket and I had to roll up the sleeves!  But at least she was warm!

I do love the cooler fall weather but I am soooooo depressed that winter is coming.  I hate winter so much I can't even stand it.  I think someday we need to move to a place that only gets occasional snow.  Or none at all.  I hate winter in Utah.  It makes me sad just thinking about it.

After our walk, I was trying to fix dinner and managed to slice my thumb open on a can of corn.  I knew it was going to happen as I tried to pry it open with the back of the spoon but I ignored my better judgment for some stupid corn.  (Yes, I used a can opener first, but it left some parts attached.)  It bled like crazy and I cried while Kyle tried to stop the bleeding and I told him I was going to die a bloody death or at the very least perhaps need stitches.  (What?  Me, dramatic?!?)  
He assured me that neither was the case and bandaged me up and finished fixing dinner.
What a good husband.

And then I fell down the stairs.

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vickyj said...

Perhaps winter won't be so bad for you this time since you will not be commuting into SLC. You can just stay home, turn on the little space heater, and watch the snow fall with wonderment.